Riding & Safety

Riding & Safety considers safety issues as they relate to the use and misuse of E-scooters throughout the country, including issues related to data privacy, helmet use, policy enforcement, parking and location of use. E-Scooter use (and misuse) is a significant area of development as individuals, municipalities, and corporations are typically unclear on how to police the misuse of E-scooters, how to follow the rules, and what rules to set.

Age Minimums: This article explores how States and local municipalities can regulate the usage of the E-scooters particularly in relation to the minimum age of the user.

Helmets: This article explores the various approaches that various jurisdictions have taken in requiring or encouraging the use of helmets while riding E-scooters.

Intoxication: This article examines how States and local municipalities can address issues relating to the use of the E-scooter by an intoxicated individual.

Where to Ride: This article discusses policies which a State or local municipality may adopt to determine where users may ride the E-scooters, whether on the street or sidewalk, and other related considerations.

Speed Limits: This article discusses the considerations and options available to States and local municipalities in regulating the safe speed at which the E-scooters may be operated.

Parking Policies:  This article examines the various issues and approaches various jurisdictions may take to establish policies for the orderly parking of E-scooters and other dockless mobility devices.

Parking Enforcement: This article explores how regulations seeking to curb misuse (such as illegal parking) of dockless E-scooters will be enforced. Misuse of vehicles is common, and long-established enforcement mechanisms are not presently well equipped to deal with emerging transportation technology. This article attempts to answer who will enforce parking and traffic regulations, how they will effectively enforce those regulations, and who will bear the cost of misuse.  With an emerging technology like E-scooters there are many variables that must be considered when discussing regulation enforcement, but those same unknowns lend themselves to creative, and perhaps more effective, methods of regulation.