Case Studies & Map

Case studies provide an in depth look at how different cities have approached e-scooter regulation. Our analysis includes information on e-scooter programs in Austin, TX; Columbia, SC; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; Portland, OR; St. Louis, MO; San Diego, CA; and Oakland, CA. Furthermore, we undertake an analysis of two different approaches by Universities in the regulation of e-scooters. In order to provide a more comprehensive overview of e-scooter regulations across the country a map is provided.

Universities This article serves to provide a contrast between two dramatically different approaches to e-scooter regulation on college campuses. The University of Toledo has created a program that encourages students on campus to utilize e-scooters while the University of Arizona has banned the e-scooters from campus. E-scooters have been a topic across college campuses nationwide with a variety of different reactions from college administration to their implementation. Some unique aspects of college campuses include sidewalk size and congestion, integrated pedestrian friendly areas and  short distance commutes. Furthermore, college campuses are asking the question whether or not an injury on an e-scooter may impose liability for the university if it occurred on university property or under a university regulated program.