Liability & Insurance

Liability & Insurance provides information on concerns facing individuals, cities, operators, and other E-scooter stakeholders on their liability and insurance options.

Not quite a bike, a car, or a pedestrian means that practical choices regarding classification and coverage must be made when the inevitable happens and someone is hurt on a E-scooter or by an E-scooter. This section takes a look at what insurance might cover these unique vehicles of transportation and who might be liable.

  1. Current Law: Provides an overview and analysis of the current insurance framework and how it meshes with the shared E-scooter micro-mobility business model.
  2. Options: Insurance options seeks to inform persons about how insurance might be implemented in the future, future availability of coverage options and provides considerations for implementation of those options.
  3. User Mandates: Provides an overview of State and local government’s ability to mandate that users have third party liability insurance and how to approach such a mandate.
  4. Operator Mandates: Provides an overview of liability-specific requirements that cities may impose on operators as conditions of deploying units.
  5. Indemnification: Provides an analysis of the relationship between governments and private actors as they seek to allocate the risk of loss associated with E-scooter liability.